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Fèis Latharna


Bun-steidh ~ Constitution


1.0 NAME


The organisation will be known as Fèis Latharna, hereinafter referred to as the Fèis.




The objects of the Fèis shall be:-


a) to promote interest, education and participation in the traditional language, music and culture of the Gidhealtachd and particularly those of the Lorn area.


b) to plan, programme and arrange activities on its own initiative, or with other local musical, arts and educational societies and organisations.


c) to plan, programme and present an annual tuition Festival structured to highlight the musical, cultural and educational objectives of the Fèis.




Membership of the Feis shall be open to any person, organisation or body interested in the objects of the Fèis.




a) The committee shall be responsible for the administration, management and control of the affairs and property of the Fèis.


b) The committee shall consist of up to fifteen members, inclusive of office-bearers.


c) The committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.


d) The committee may establish such sub-committees for such purposes and on such terms and conditions as it deems necessary.



The office-bearers of the Fèis, elected at the Annual General Meeting shall be - Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.




Once in each year, in the month of October, the Fèis shall hold an Annual General Meeting for the purpose of:- receiving the Annual Report and Financial Report, election of Committee, election of Office-bearers and appointment of auditors. The A.G.M. shall be notified to the public 051 minimum of seven days before the day of the meeting.


7.0 Any six members of the Fèis can at any time request in writing to the Secretary that the Committee call a special meeting for the discussion of particular business. The Committee must, within twenty one days of receiving such a request, call a meeting giving· a minimum of seven days notice of the business to be discussed.




a) Voting - any business requiring to be put to a vote shall be decided by a majority of those present. The Chairperson holds a casting vote as well as a deliberative vote. (Ex-officio members attend any meeting in an advisory capacity and are not entitled to vote).


b) Quorum - five members shall form a quorum at Committee meetings. Ten persons shall form a quorum at General or Special meetings.


c)A record of all meetings of the Fèis shall be kept by the Secretary.




a) The funds of the Fèis shall be applied solely towards tile object stated in paragraph 2 above.


b) The Treasurer shall keep books showing all income, expenditure and assets of the Fèis.


c) The signature of any two of the Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer shall be required to operate any bank account.


d) The accounts shall be audited once a year by qualified auditors who shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting.


e) The financial year of the Fèis shall run from1 October to the following 31 September.  




No change shall be made to this constitution except by resolution approved at an Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting of the Fèis. A two-thirds majority of those present and voting shall be required before any alteration is approved.




a) The Fèis may be dissolved at an Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting by resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of those members present and voting.


b) Any assets remaining after the settlement of any outstanding debts, shall be donated to any body in the District of Argyll and Islands, that is a charity and has similar objects to the Fèis.

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