Cèilidh air Chuairt Earra-Ghàidheal  The Argyll Cèilidh Trail

Cèilidh air Chuairt Earra-Ghàidheal


’S e amas nan Cèilidhean air Chuairt cothrom a thoirt do 8 luchd-ciùil is seinneadairean òga turas ciùil proifeiseanta a dhèanamh, a’ taisbeanadh cuid den stòras luachmhor a th’ againn de cheòl is òrain ionadail.


A thuilleadh air cuairt an t-samhraidh, tha am buidheann air cluich aig cuirmean eile leithid Oban LIVE, Best of the West Festival, BLAS & Wee Gig in the Goil. 


An uiridh, chluich am buidheann aig 18 cuirmean taobh a-staigh 3 seachdainean. Chaidh fàilte chrìdheil a chur orra air feadh Earra-Ghàidheal, bho Arainn gu Colla gu Eilean Ì gu Dhùn Omhainn. 

The Argyll Cèilidh Trail 


Preparations for the eleventh year of Fèis Latharna's Argyll Cèilidh Trail are well underway and more details will be available on this website shortly. The purpose of the Cèilidh Trail is to provide up to 8 young traditional musicians and singers the opportunity to experience paid work as professional musicians whilst promoting local music and Gaelic culture.

In addition the summer tour, the group have been fortunate enough to secure a number of other bookings outwith the summer programme including performances at Oban LIVE, Best of the West Festival, BLAS & Wee Gig in the Goil.

Link to Folk Radio Review of the Ceilidh Trail at Oban Live

Last year's summer tour consisted of 18 gigs in three weeks. The tour covered all areas of Argyll & the Isles from Arran to Coll and Iona to Dunoon and the response was fantastic.

It's such a joy to
hear all the children and see them streaming about enjoying music so much.

The kids loved the atmosphere, the music learning, the fun, the tutors, being with their friends and they are buzzing with Feis-ish-ness.